Equilibradamente exótico

El ratán como protagonista

Una cocina natural

Con Tetris integrado

Un baño botánico

Con dinosaurio incluido

Un mundo de sensaciones

Mete los rayos del sol en tu ducha

Reina de mi casa

Con té y pastas incluidas

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Raúl Morlans

Raúl Morlans

CEO de Ritual

Do you want to change the floor tile or shall we create a dream?

Hello, I am Raul Morlans, manager of “Ritual”.  I know that you may think that remodeling your flat means changing the floor tile or combining one color with another, or maybe to modernize it and to be happy with all of it.

However we don’t settle only for that, since I want the best for you. I want you to be proud of your new flat from the aesthetic point of view and yet importantly even the aspects of every corner that you don’t see will be 100% comfortable for the “day by day” experience of your home.

In order to do this, we will personalize every detail and will enter into your daily “Rituals”, to understand where and how you live, how you dress, even to the details of whether you use a shaving machine or a shaving knife and if you need a microwave to warm up the food of your tupperware.

Furthermore I have other surprises for you, to help you in improving your life style. Furthermore you may also enjoy our service of fashion and trends with the help of our personal shopper Nilka Luna. She may help you in choosing not only the clothes but also a textile selection for your home (curtains, bedsheets, duvets, etc)

And while you are smiling, imagining your next dream, I promise to make my effort so we can make it possible, here and now.


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Today we understand the home as a whole, our services as interior designers in Barcelona and decorators Barcelona can’t  be alien in that. That’s why, we care about the beauty of the interiors, the practicality of the day to day, the quality of the materials, the adjustments of the doors, the comfort of the facilities, the warmth and quality of the light for every moment of the day, etc. . They are all different concepts, but all together must also have a meaning.

Keep in mind that we strive to offer every day the best possible service. Discover now our exclusive services. You probably want us to take care of everything, design and turnkey reform. But we also understand and have a certain flexibility to fit our services within any operation involving other companies and industrialists.

You can also find us on the famous Houzz platform among the most prominent profiles. To know more about us in Houzz click here.




Design and integral reform

Go on holiday and we will take charge of everything. Once you come back we will hand you the key of your new flat or place.



Interior design

We will design your place or any other property and another trusted company will  restore it.


Personal Shopper of Interiors

Do you have any doubt on the materials for the reform? Do you have doubts on how to combine them? We will come with you to choose them.



Commercial properties

We will design and reform it. Be surprised and smile when you open the cash register at the end of the day.



Property decoration

Are you tired of a normal property? Do you want to make any change or would you like it to be cool? We will decorate it.



Fashion and trends

Do you think that white trousers are fashionable? Would you wear them at a party?.You need one trend.


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Discover some of the novelties related to lifestyle, interior design and trends. You can also find us on the famous Houzz platform among the most prominent profiles. To know more about us in Houzz click here.

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