In-cosmetics Internacional Trade Fair


🔸 I need to keep many things, documentation, jackets, backpacks and all kinds of supplies that are needed at the fair. 🔸 At least 20 people with some independence should be able to meet at the same time
🔸 Certain elements must breathe an air of reuse and be reusable for practical purposes. 🔸 In addition, we are one of the smallest meters stands at this International fair, but size should not matter to project a solid company message. Ç
🔸 We must impact our international presentation
🔸 We distribute chemical products for cosmetics, in short, molecules and the message must be understood.
✅ RITUAL (Some months later)
🔹 Transform a square stand into a circular stand, creating a clockwise timeline where the company’s production process is interrelated, with a certain nostalgic air that explains its founding values.
🔹 A stand that had 2 closed sides and 2 sides open to the aisle. Where in a very theatrical way those 2 sides open to the corridor have been broken and a suggestive access to the public has been created from the corner, creating a feeling of total openness and being a much more expansive stand despite its small size.
🔹 A total colorful explosion, in line with the new company image that Esther Alonso González, its head of Communication and Marketing, is carrying out with such success. 🔹 Two antagonistic materials have just made up the story; all the furniture of stone character symbolizing the solid roots of the company and supporting on a colorful endoskeleton, totally devoid, which symbolizes the values of transparency of the company, where 2 people can establish a commercial relationship without barriers. 

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Contacta con Ritual · Interioristas en Barcelona

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